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Integrated test

The information quality of the outcome of first-trimester screening is not sufficient in case of poor quality ultrasound imaging of the foetus (obese pregnant woman, unfavourable position of the embryo relative to the ultrasound probe, scars in the uterus after Caesarean sections). In these cases, it is suitable to combine the first-trimester screening (combined test) with an examination in week 16 of pregnancy (originally a triple test). Screening containing the combined test + triple test is called an integrated test and detects up to 98% of affected foetuses. A positive outcome indicates the increased probability of Down syndrome and it is recommended to undergo a genetic consultation or other examination methods to rule out this disease.

What is the accuracy of screening for Down syndrome?

– mother's age 30%

– blood test in week 16 of pregnancy 50-70%

– screening in the first trimester of pregnancy 90-95% (in case of integration with the triple test up to 98%)


The integrated test is currently not reimbursed by public health insurance and the patient pays the test herself.