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Release of the nerves of the upper limb

The nerves of the upper limbs can be compressed in several places, most often in the elbow or wrist. This leads to numbness of the fingers or the whole hand, or even with limited mobility of part or the whole hand. In advanced conditions, it is necessary to relieve this compression surgically – the nerve is exposed and freed to remove external pressure or constriction the treated nerve. If you have such problems, you should visit your doctor.

The diagnosis is determined on the basis of a description of the difficulties and on the basis of the so-called EMG (electromyographic examination). These examinations are performed by specialised neurological workplaces. They mainly determine the speed of nerve conduction and if this speed is reduced below a certain limit, nerve constriction is clearly demonstrated. Surgical treatment is then performed by a specialised surgeon.

Indications of the procedure

Surgical treatment is necessary in case of advanced nerve depression.

Form of intervention

The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia. The specific method of anaesthesia will be determined by your doctor based on the nature of the procedure. The procedure takes 30-60 minutes.

Method and course of operation or procedure

During the procedure, the surgeon gradually exposes the nerve through a skin incision and relieves all the pressure of the surrounding structures. Subsequently, the nerve is covered with the surrounding soft tissue or moved to another location or left loose in its bed. Sometimes the limb is immobilised with a splint after the surgery.

Postoperative course and recommendations

Dressing changes of the healing wound are necessary in the postoperative period. Sutures are removed about 2 weeks after surgery. A definitive outcome of nerve treatment can be expected after about 3 months, sometimes even later. Some of the preoperative problems may persist permanently even after correctly performed procedures. The condition should be consulted with the attending physician.

Form of payment

The procedure is fully covered by health insurance.

This surgery is performed at our site by all plastic surgeons.