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Eyelid surgery

The procedure removes or significantly reduces the signs of eyelid ageing.

Medical aspects of the intervention

Removal of excess skin of the eyelids and fat pads around the eye.

The result of eyelid surgery is the "rejuvenation" of the appearance of the eye area, which is aesthetically important.

Form of intervention

The procedure takes about 60-90 minutes.

It is most often performed on an outpatient basis and under local anaesthesia.

Short-term hospitalisation is sometimes recommended for lower eyelid surgery.

Method and course of eyelid surgery

According to the agreement with the patient and the condition of the tissue, the procedure may be performed separately in the upper or lower eyelids or the procedures may be combined. No special preoperative examination is required due to the type of anaesthesia and the extent of the procedure. After the incision lines are drawn, the doctor applies a local anaesthetic agent and then removes excess skin and corrects the fat pads. Sterile dressing is used after suturing the skin.

Postoperative course and recommendations

It is recommended to arrange an escort home, because your field of view will be considerably limited after the procedure and spatial vision distorted. At home, we recommend a half-seated position with icing of the treated area according to the doctor's instructions. Sutures are removed 5 to 7 days after the surgery. Blood bruises and swelling appear in the postoperative period. Their disappearance is very individual and can take 2-6 weeks. It is advisable to wear glasses with dark lenses during this time. After the wounds have healed, it is necessary to take care of the scars, which must be protected from sunlight for at least 3 months (you will discuss the details with your physician). The average recovery time after this procedure is about 7-10 days. We only recommend using cosmetics in the treated areas after 2 weeks.

Price calculation

Eyelid plastic surgery is not covered by health insurance.

The total price of the procedure is given by the sum of the price for the procedure itself, the price for local anaesthesia and the price for hospitalisation according to its length – see the price list.

This procedure is performed in our facility by all plastic surgeons.