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Male breast reduction – gynaecomastia

It is a disease where men have unilateral or bilateral enlargement of mammary glands for various reasons. It occurs most often in adolescent boys and older men. We usually do not find the cause of the disease, but it is always necessary to examine whether it is a side effect of another disease.

Indications for gynaecomastia removal

If male breasts are unexpectedly enlarged in some men, it is necessary to visit a doctor and it is advisable to perform endocrinological and urological examination to rule out another cause of gynaecomastia. The procedure will then be recommended by a specialist or the procedure will be performed at the patient's request.

Form of gynaecomastia removal procedure

The procedure itself is usually performed under general anaesthesia and during short-term hospitalisations. Gynaecomastia surgery takes about 30-60 minutes.

Method and course of removing gynaecomastia

The skin incision is usually made at the lower or outer edge of the areola. In more extensive gynaecomastia, it is sometimes necessary to make the skin incision outside the edge of the areola. The mammary gland on the affected side is removed during the procedure. The nipples and areolas remain there. If there is a large amount of adipose tissue in the area, it may be necessary to also perform liposuction.

Postoperative course and recommendations

After the removal of the gland, it is usually necessary to wear an elastic compression bandage for several weeks.

Form of payment

The procedure is usually not covered by health insurance. The procedure is only covered by health insurance if the procedure is recommended by an endocrinologist, i.e., a specialist in diseases of the endocrine glands. The price of the procedure at the patient's request consists of the price of the procedure, the price for anaesthesia (general/local) and the price for possible hospitalisation according to its duration – see the price list.

All plastic surgeons at our facility are able to remove gynaecomastia.