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Is the consultation covered by the insurance company or do I have to pay for it?

If you come with a medical problem, illness or injury and it does not matter whether or not you have a referral from another physician, your consultation and treatment is covered by the health insurance company you are insured at. Initial consultations at the Centre for Assisted Reproduction are also free of charge. If you want to consult an aesthetic or cosmetic problem, these consultations are not covered by the health insurance company and you have to pay for them.

Where should I report for hospitalisation?

If you are to be hospitalised on any weekday, report at the outpatient office of that department of surgery. If the outpatient office is closed or it's the weekend, report directly to the reception office on the ground floor of the sanatorium.

Can I schedule the date of the surgery without the need for a personal consultation at your site?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to schedule surgery without being seen by one of our doctors. You can use our counselling centre for an basic consultation about your health or aesthetic problem, but you will have to undergo a clinical examination before the actual procedure. During this examination, the doctor can suggest and mainly explain the specific procedure which is most suitable in your case.

Is it possible to pay by card?

Yes. All payments for procedures or for hospitalisation can also be made by credit card. We recommend checking your limit in case of larger amounts. The only exception is elastic underwear, which is paid for in cash.

Is it possible to pay in instalments?

Unfortunately, payment in instalments is not possible at our centre.

What to take with for the hospitalisation?

We recommend that you bring personal and hygiene items with you. If you forget something, we can lend it to you.

Are room visits allowed? When?

Visits are allowed throughout the day. However, please respect the therapeutic regimen on the ward.

What about parking?

Parking is possible in the area of the Sanus Sanatorium in Hradec Králové for a small fee, or in the adjacent parking lots after paying at the relevant parking meters. In the Centre for Assisted Reproduction Pardubice, which is located in the Vektor polyclinic, it is possible to park behind the building of the polyclinic or along the access road to the polyclinic. In the Centre for Assisted Reproduction Jihlava (located in the Jihlava Hospital building), paid parking is available on the hospital premises.

Can I call my attending doctor if I have difficulties at home after the procedure?

If necessary, call our outpatient office or the ward outside the outpatient office hours (applies to Sanus HK). If you are not able to contact your attending doctor directly, there is always another doctor available who can help you.