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Wrinkle fillers

Wrinkle filling with the patient’s fat

We use the patient’s own fat to smooth out wrinkles or to increase the volume of the lips. The procedure is suitable for those who need to compensate for static unevenness of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Medical aspects of the intervention

The procedure is based on the transfer (implantation) of one's own fat (lipofilling) from another part of the body.

Form of intervention

Usually under local anaesthesia, less often under general anaesthesia.

It is performed on an outpatient basis. Major procedures require short-term hospitalisation.

Method and course of procedure

A small skin incision is used to collect the required amount of fat from a selected donor area using a small cannula. The collected tissue is then prepared for the administration. The physician then injects this fat into the treated area.

Postoperative course and recommendations

Potential haemorrhages, both in the donor area and at the site of admission, subside within three weeks in most cases.

The average recovery time after this procedure is about 1 week.

Price calculation

Transplantation of the patient’s own fat is not covered by health insurance.

The total price of the procedure is given by the sum of the price for the procedure itself, the price for the pair of implants, the price for general/local anaesthesia and the price for hospitalisation according to its duration – see the price list.

This procedure is performed in our facility by all plastic surgeons.