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Removal of malignant skin formations

Non-melanoma malignant skin tumours usually form non-healing foci on the skin, which bleed on contact, are covered with scabs or have the shape of an ulcer with bulging edges. They grow very slowly and spread to other locations in the body only exceptionally.

Indications of the procedure

A non-healing focus should be examined by a dermatologist every few months and removed if necessary. A small focus can be removed easily, while large or foci in problematic areas require large tissue transfers.

Form of intervention

Minor procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis. The procedure is performed under local or general anaesthesia according to the extent and location of the focus.

Method and course of operation or procedure

The skin focus is removed with the edge of visually healthy tissue. The resulting defect is then further closed in a manner depending on its size and location. A minor defect can be easily sutured. A larger defect must be covered either with a skin graft or closed with a lobe. Sometimes it is necessary to use the lobe in two steps (frontal lobe, cross-finger lobe). In the first step, the lobe is transferred to the defect site and left there to heal. After a few weeks, the unused remnant of the lobe and its stalk are cut off and returned to the donor site. We will always explain the current condition to the client and inform the client about an appropriate further treatment procedure.

Postoperative course and recommendations

Bandages are necessary in the postoperative period and resting is recommended; sutures are removed in 7-14 days. The next steps depend on the result of a microscopic examination of the focus. In most cases, only postoperative follow-up without further treatment is required.

Method of payment

The procedure is fully covered by health insurance.

All plastic surgeons perform these surgical procedures at our facility.