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Protruding ears and auricles

Otoplasty can be performed at any age. We recommend that the ear surgery be performed at the age of about 5-6 years for children born with markedly protruding auricles to prevent psychological trauma from the stigmatisation of the child in the children's collective.

Medical aspects of the intervention

This is an aesthetic procedure where the cartilage of the auricle is adjusted so that the ears do not protrude and look aesthetically pleasing. This birth defect can be one-sided or bilateral. The augmentation surgery does not require anything to be added or removed, it only surgically models the shape of the auricle cartilage into an aesthetically pleasing shape.

Form of intervention

  • In children, the procedure is performed under a combination of local and general anaesthesia.
  • Only local anaesthesia is used in adult clients.
  • The procedure is performed in an outpatient way. Even with the use of combined anaesthesia, it is possible to go home after a few hours.

Method and course of procedure

In most cases, the cartilage of the auricle is exposed from the posterior approach through an incision behind the auricle. The cartilage is modelled either with a cutter or a scalpel to the desired position, where it is fixed with several stitches. The incision behind the ear is usually sewn with absorbable sutures. Finally, 2-3 modelling sutures formed over a roll of greasy gauze are laid externally over the lobe to keep the lobe in the desired position. The ear is covered with a bandage.

Postoperative course and recommendations

Painkillers (analgesics) are given in the case of pain. We recommend a resting regime during the first few days, without physical activity. The next day after surgery it is necessary to have a check-up, where the modelling sutures are released to prevent bruising on the auricle, which will swell slightly by the second day. The next check-up is performed about 10 days after the surgery, when we remove the external modelling sutures. During this time it is necessary to wear a bandage on the head and it is not possible to wash the head. The absorbable sutures behind the auricle fall out on their own within a few weeks. It is then advisable to wear a headband over the ears at night for about a month, so that the modelled cartilage is not injured by careless movements during sleep.

Price calculation

The surgery is fully covered by health insurance for children under 10 years of age (up to the end of the 9th year of life). At a later age, the procedure is no longer covered by health insurance. The total price of the procedure is given by the sum of the price and the price for general/local anaesthesia.

This surgery is performed at our site by all plastic surgeons.