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Labioplasty is suitable for women who have too large, asymmetrical or deformed small labia.

Medical aspects of the intervention

The surgery enables the reduction of the size of the small labia by removing their parts. It is also possible to remove excess tissue in the clitoral area.

The risks include occasional early postoperative complications such as bleeding, infection or rupture of the wound, and sometimes long-term problems such as painful scars in the intimate area.

Form of intervention

  • Labioplasty is usually performed during hospitalisation, but it can also be performed under local anaesthesia.
  • The procedure is performed under general or local anaesthesia.
  • In total, the surgery takes about 60 minutes.
  • The hospitalisation is about 1-3 days.

Method and course of procedure

During the procedure, the surgeon marks the total excess tissue of the small labia and then infiltrates the surgical field with a solution to reduce bleeding, possibly adding a local anaesthetic. The surgeon removes excess skin, treats bleeding vessels and sutures the edges of the wound with absorbable or non-absorbable sutures.

Postoperative course and recommendations

  • A urethral catheter may be inserted for a short time after the procedure.
  • It is possible to continue normal personal hygiene after the procedure.
  • Absorbable sutures separate within three weeks.
  • Oedema and possible bruises in the surgical area subside within three weeks.
  • Scars will mature within several months.
  • Vaginal intercourse should be avoided for 6 weeks after the surgery.

 Price calculation

  • This procedure is not covered by health insurance
  • The total price of the procedure is given by the sum of the price for the procedure itself, the price for general/local anaesthesia and the price for hospitalisation according to its length – see the price list.
  • These surgical procedures are only performed by some plastic surgeons in our sanatorium; more information will be provided by our department of plastic surgery.