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Breast cancer surgery

The diagnosis of breast cancer is made by a physician, but some changes in the breast can be recognised by the woman herself. It is not only the palpation of a lump but also, for example, bleeding from the nipple, reddening of the breast skin or pulling in the skin. Unfortunately, it is not possible to palpate the tumour in the initial stages when there is the greatest chance of cure. Even for a mammologist, it is not easy to detect a tumour in the early stages. Therefore, it is extremely important to undergo regular preventive breast examinations using a mammograph and ultrasound from a certain age.

Indications of the procedure

The procedure is performed in women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer with histological verification. Before the surgery, each patient must be examined at a mammology outpatient office and a team of experts (mammologist, oncologist, plastic surgeon) must participate in the treatment.

Form of intervention

The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia during a hospitalisation over several days.

Method and course of operation or procedure

We will discuss the individual diagnosis with each patient and explain the scope of the procedure before the operation. If only part of the breast is removed (usually one quadrant), the breast is slightly smaller, its shape may change to some extent, and there is a long scar on the breast. If the entire breast is removed, the procedure will leave a transverse or oblique scar on the chest.

The tumour, carcinoma, must be removed with a sufficient margin of healthy tissue around it. In some cases, the entire breast must be removed. During the surgery, it is also necessary to remove some (or all) lymph nodes in the armpit.

The sutures are removed about 2 weeks after the surgery. Subsequent oncological treatment (chemotherapy, or hormonal treatment and radiation) is necessary after the procedure (usually several weeks afterwards).

Breast reconstruction after complete or partial removal may be performed with the consent of the oncologist at least half a year after the completion of oncological treatment. There are several types of reconstruction, in some cases they are covered by the insurance company.

Method of payment

The procedure is fully covered by health insurance. This surgery is performed at our site by all plastic surgeons.