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Liposuction is suitable for those who consider the shape of their body deformed by unsightly fat pads.

However, this is by no means a method leading to a significant reduction in weight and elimination of obesity. It removes the excess layer of subcutaneous fat, which is localised to places determined genetically and hormonally in the vast majority of cases. The outer and inner surfaces of the thighs and knees, chin, hips and abdomen are most often modified. These procedures are less often performed on the calves, arms and ankles. The satisfactory result of liposuction depends, among other things, on the properties of the skin above the surgical area, which are very individual. Sufficient skin elasticity is necessary to prevent unsightly skin excess.

Form of intervention

Extensive procedures are performed under general anaesthesia and during short-term hospitalisation.

Minor procedures can also be performed under local anaesthesia and on an outpatient basis.

We use a body-jet device for liposuction: https: //

Method and course of procedure

First, we inject the required areas with a solution to control bleeding. Using small incisions in the natural folds of the skin, we insert long cannulas with a diameter of 2 to 5 mm into the subcutaneous tissue and aspirate the fat. We exceptionally exceed the aspirated tissue volume of approx. 3,000 ml during one procedure. Elastic underwear is put on immediately after the procedure.

Postoperative course and recommendations

After the procedure, it is necessary to wear special elastic underwear, which has essential effects on the overall result of the procedure. Sutures are removed approximately 10-14 days after the surgery. Elastic underwear must be worn for at least 4-8 weeks. It is recommended to limit physical load for a few weeks. After the wounds have healed, it is necessary to take care of the scars, which must be protected from sunlight for at least 3 months. The average recovery time after this procedure is about 2-3 weeks.

Price calculation

This procedure is not covered by health insurance

The total price of the procedure is given by the sum of the price for the procedure itself, the price for general/local anaesthesia, the price for elastic underwear and the price for hospitalisation according to its duration.

This procedure is performed in our facility by all plastic surgeons.