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Egg donation

Have you heard of egg donation?

Egg donation is a modern medical approach where you can help couples unable to conceive with their own germ cells – in this case eggs. These problems can develop in women for many reasons, such as premature ovarian failure or cancer treatment.

Before egg donation, you will undergo a detailed medical and genetic examination. Therefore, you will get essential information about your health and fertility.

As a donor, you are entitled to financial compensation for expenses associated with the donation, up to CZK 25,000.


Who can donate germ cells – eggs?

Eggs can be donated by women 18 to 32 years of age who are in good health.

Are there any tests necessary before egg donation?

All examinations are performed after the first consultation at our site, when the next procedure is explained to you in detail. Necessary tests include blood tests, culture tests and genetic tests. These procedures are not very time demanding for the donor.

Are the examination and further procedures difficult?

The next steps are individualised to suit you so you avoid excessive burden for your personal life. During the investigation, we try to respect your schedule. This also applies to stimulation, when several planned visits are necessary to monitor the development.

What is our experience?

Our site has been treating infertility for more than twenty years. Several thousand children have been born thanks to our physicians. The procedures in each patient or donor are managed individually to suit her possibilities as much as possible. The procedures are adapted to the long-term effectiveness of the treatment and to the high safety of the whole therapy.

Is egg donation really safe?

The procedures are designed to avoid complications during the collection of eggs and negative effects on your life.

What should I do if I am interested in donating eggs?

If you are interested, contact us via the form. We will contact you within a few days. Other options include scheduling a consultation at 495 757 165. The first consultation is informative and non-binding, but if you are still interested, it will be possible to undergo most of the tests at the first visit.