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Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)

This highly accurate screening method for the detection of aneuploidies is able to detect 99% of foetuses with Down syndrome.
Furthermore, this test is able to detect other aneuploidies such as Edwards and Patau syndrome, sex chromosome aneuploidies, and also determine the sex of the foetus. It can be performed from week 10 of pregnancy. This test is non-invasive and poses no risk to the foetus.

The result of the examination is usually delivered to the laboratory within a week of blood collection. Our site currently uses the following tests: Harmony, Ariosa and PRENASCAN. The test is not covered by public health insurance.

Non-invasive prenatal testing may be considered in the following cases in particular:

- in positive screening for birth defects, with a normal ultrasound finding in the foetus, if the pregnant woman is concerned about possible complications related to amniocentesis and other invasive procedures.

- in borderline results of first-trimester screening

- in pregnant women over the age of 35